Eric van den Hoonaard
is a freelance director based in Berlin

Born in Düsseldorf, Eric is a multi-award winning creative turned director. He started his advertising career in Cape Town, South Africa. Curiosity and the fear of missing out inspired his extensive traveling and reiterates his life ethos to rather invest in experiences than in things. Originally a trained Art Director, he now pretty much enjoys writing scenes that will come alive on screen. He aims for his work to be polarizing; ideally making people laugh hysterically, cry honestly or see something unseen before.

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Collaborating with  –  Sterntag  –  Rocket Film
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Featuring Actor Kida Ramadan (4Blocks), pro footballer Max Kruse, futsal champ Ahmed Rakaba,
Josi Bonsu (Union) and Union Legends Tusche, Simone Mann and Kevin Donner
Produced by Jung von Matt / Sports
"A boy dreams about the future of mobility"
Film for Mercedes about their future strategy
–  CASE  –
Connected. Autonomous. Shared & Services. Electric.
Produced by 5ter Stock Medienproduktion
"Paper proclamation"
A music video for Suff Daddy feat. Mayer Hawthorne
shot on location in Gugulethu, Cape Town.
"Oh Sport, du bist die Freude"
Shot for L+T Sport department store in Osnabrück, Germany
Produced by Kanu Film Berlin
"An emotive call to action to hear those who drown in silence"
A pseudo music video for Tua +
Produced by Jung von Matt / NEXT ALSTER
"Besser auf der IFA"
Featuring Bundesliga midfielder Andi Gogai + goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz of 1. FC Union Berlin-Köpenick
Produced by Kanu Film Berlin
"Die beste technik"
Featuring 2nd division football players Andi Gogai + Marcel Hartel of 1. FC Union Berlin-Köpenick
Produced by Kanu Film Berlin
"Alternative energie"
Shot for Ueltje
Produced by Eitelsonnenschein Commercial
"It doesn't matter why you ride, all that matters is that you ride"
Featuring Canyon's PRO TEAM 2017
Produced by Stink Films Berlin
"A romantic encounter on two wheels"
Showcasing David Schnabel + Lea Schäpe
– Acrobats on bicycles